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Bae <3 I’m gonna post this now before I drink my wine so it’s not stupid or actually I’ll drink my wine XD


I was tagged by neverending-hate for the 15 things that make me happy meme.

  1. When I get compliments at work.
  2. When I listen to music wherever I go.
  3. When I see a puppy/kitty/something cute in general.
  4. When I find something I wanted so bad.
  5. Sleeping.
  6. When I have something in common with someone and talk about that for hours.
  7. When people reblog/like my posts (I read your tags most of time, be warned lmao)
  8. When I get home after a hard time at work/day.
  9. When I can have a good time with friends after time no see them.
  10. When I really love a drama/anime/play/book/etc. and then I wanna find everything about it.
  11. Buying shoes (this is recently omg)
  12. Seriously, everything about Tsune and Yuki makes me hyper happy, so don’t forget me when you see them in whatever you find them lmao.
  13. Same as Hyoutei in general.
  14. When I spend time by myself (this is super important, because most of time I am surrounded by people)
  15. Here on Tumblr, my dear followers <3

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when all you want is for your favorite character to be happy but all they get to be is dead


An accurate depiction of what crushes feel like.